Many people eat frequently and very rarely have a normal body weight but are we all people really eating healthy? This is the question that is being asked every day by everyone. We usually don’t focus on how we are spending our lives and what exactly is it that we should be eating. We tend to find everything healthy and try to fool our own selves by saying that yes this extra cheese pizza is extremely healthy and there is nothing wrong in eating a whole large pizza because I am giving myself a treat. That’s where the real disease starts to spread in the body. We are faced with many illnesses and diseases and frequently we feel lazy and tired.

A lot of people don’t give a damn about an even-handed diet that gives the body an accurate amount of nutrition. Even if a person is not overeating or starving himself then what he eats makes a huge difference in how his general health is. An average adult eats almost between 2000-2600 calories a day and even if he is consuming the accurate amount of calories, where he gets those calories from matters more than quite a bit. The source of the food is as important as the number of calories he takes every day. If he has been ignoring what he has been eating and has only been consuming whatever he wants, then I’m right here to tell him how that can affect his quality of life and what it is going to do to his body.


Empty calories:

First, it is necessary to explain what empty calories actually are. An empty calorie is a calorie that a person consumes that provides very petite nutrients or no nutrients whatsoever. A common concept is that a calorie that a person consumes must give him energy right? Yes, empty calories do provide person energy but they have no nutritional consequence. It doesn’t offer a person with any vital minerals or vitamins or whatever thing of much nutritional worth. A person needs these nutrients to keep his body operations as it is supposed to function.

Mostly empty calories are consumed from processed foods that contain a lot of fat and sugar inserted in them. Albeit these foods are willingly available and expedient they aren’t positive to a person’s body. Furthermore, most of these foods are the origin causes for diseases like diabetes, stroke, heart disease and myriads of different forms of cancer. Recurrent and high utilization of these empty calories can also bring about weight gain as these foods typically pack more calories than most other foods and these surplus calories get stored in the body as fat. Packaged beers, spirits, wines and such alcoholic drinks have a far above the ground amount of empty calories stored in them.



The question here is that what is this nutrition thing I’m talking about? So your body needs a variety of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein, carbohydrates, fat and water. For instance, the mineral iodine is necessary for the biosynthesis of Thyroxine which is a kind of thyroid hormone; iodine is originated in the salt we guzzle. The purpose of Thyroxine is to arouse the utilization of oxygen and thus the metabolism of all cells and tissues in the body. If the levels of Thyroxine aren’t accurate in a person’s body it gradually leads to a swelling of the thyroid and is also known to root fatigue.

Picture a steady need to just rest that would suck right? So that’s exactly what can take place in a person’s body when he either takes too much or a little salt. This is just one petite illustration for what can happen to a person’s body if it has an inequity of nutrients. If he isn’t taking the accurate amount of nutrients then it could set in motion a variety of dissimilar snags.

More on nutrition:

We all know that we want to have an excellent time here on earth and want to enjoy everyday fun and life. But that doesn’t make up for the statement that as long as we are here we need bright minds and bodies to get pleasure from the time we have been given on this earth. Eating no matter what a person wants and justifying it by saying that he is here to have an excellent time is just going to make him end up having a not so excellent time. That is the only reason why nutrition is such an important truth of eating and a person shouldn’t ignore it.

The next question is how a person is hypothetical to consume these foods that are nutritious? It can be done by taking a balanced diet off track. What is that? Well, a balanced diet is when a person is consuming a range of diverse foods in the accurate amounts to provide his body with the precise amount of nutrients it wants. By utilizing good amounts of veggies, fruits, grains, dairy and a mixture of different oils a person can achieve the right amount of nutrition that he needs. Experts advise people to cut down on the pointless junk food that is elevated in fats and sugars. It means to cut short on foods like cake, soda, alcohol, cookies, and donuts.


A person shouldn’t utterly shun such empty calories but cut them short to close to 20% of a person’s everyday calorie intake. Eating that extra doughnut isn’t forever incorrect but he shouldn’t make it a routine thing. Most of these processed foods also leave a person always desiring more but taking leafy green vegetables and lean proteins conversely keeps him more satisfied and full for a longer period of time.